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Department 6: Antiques

Superintendent: Kim Wing
Please read the General Rules and Regulations carefully.
A.  To qualify as an antique, exhibit must be 50 years or older.
B.  Whenever possible, age should accompany item.
C.  Exhibits will be judged according to age and condition of
      original appearance and form.
D.  All items should be clean and neat in appearance.
      Attention: No exhibitor will be allowed to pick up other
      exhibitor's exhibits in this division without written
      authorization. All precautions for the safe preservation of
      the article will be taken.
Section 1: Antiques
   1.  Bible
   2.  Books, any variety
   3.  Magazines
    4.  Newspapers
   5.  Pictures
   6.  Clothing
   7.  China
   8.  Earthenware
   9.  Glass
 10.  Furniture
 11.  Frames
 12.  Clocks & Watches
 13.  Jewelry
 14.  Lamps
 15.  Bottles
 16.  Toys
 17.  Dolls
 18.  Quilts
 19.  Linens
 20.  needle Work
 21.  Kitchen Items
 22.  Other
Section 2: Fair Theme